How do I close my account?
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  1. First, you need you ask yourself are you sure you want to cancel your Rannko account?

  2. Rannko is you're marketing assistant who helps automate all of you're marketing needs are you absolutely positive that you want to cancel your account?

  3. Well if you're completely sure….. ookkkaayyy…

  4. Click your account name in the top right hand corner.

  5. Click "Your Settings”.

  6. In the tabs on the left had side click the tab “Billing & Invoices”. At the very bottom of the page is the cancel button.

  7. Click the box that you understand that you understand that cancellation will delete all of my data from Rannko and cancel any Rannko related subscriptions and services. This process cannot be reversed and no data will be stored by Rannko.

  8. The penultimate step is to really ask yourself if you want to cancel your account?

  9. If you're totally sure you want to cancel your account click the red “cancel" button. We’re sorry to see you go but we wish your business the utmost success.

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