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Users cannot see there business / Error 500
Users cannot see there business / Error 500

User logs in and cannot see there business, getting a 500 error code

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HELP! My users cannot access their business!

Anytime you are adding a new business to your agency or partner plan and want to give access to your client or specific users. Make sure that you have assigned them to the business location. 

Firstly, let's start with adding a business to your account.

Select "New Business" or "Edit Business". Once you have done this and added the business information or updated plans. You will select the INITIAL USER. The initial user should always be you. 

Don't worry, we will add your client or new user in the next step!

Adding your client / or user to the business

Now that you have created the business, its time to create the user and assign that user to the business. Go to USERS on the left hand panel in AGENCY and then click add New, or to edit an EXISTING user, you will click on there name. 

You can now see what businesses they have access to. Once you have update this and clicked save. This user is good to go!

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