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How to use the Campaign Manager

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Step 1:
Login to your account

Step 2:
Go to "Review Management" and click on " Campaign Manager" 

Step 3:
On top right of screen, click on "create new sequence", which will lead you to creating the name for your campaign.

Step 4:
Once you enter the name for your campaign, click "Create Your First Campaign".

Step 5:
Choose to either send an email or SMS for your FIRST sequence step. 

You can also create your own email or text template for future use. Add additional sequences as you like. Save and continue.

Step 6:
You will then land on a final page to see the sequence steps. These are defined by DAYS. So if you have a SMS going out, it will then wait 3 days or whatever you have chosen before sending the next sequence step.

Step 7:
You will be taken to the "Campaign Sequence" tab. Click on "Customers Enrolled" and click on "add customers".

Step 8:
You will then be taken to the customer overview page. On the top of the page in orange, click on "your customers" to add them to the review recipient list. 

Step 9:
Click on "add" below when finished.

 Now you can monitor the customers in their respective sequence step. Once a customer has finished all sequence steps, they will no longer be enrolled. If a customer has successfully left a review, they will be un-enrolled and the applied a status of "reviewed".

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